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Social Media

From videos on the Alameda Arts YouTube channel, I used CapCut Desktop to cut together short-form content to post on their Instagram Reels and as YouTube Shorts. These videos give the viewer a short preview of Ms. Kate and Ms. Hazel's personalities and show the viewer why they should watch the full video. Additionally, I create graphics for their upcoming events to post on their Instagram page.

Experience the wonder of travel through my TikTok channel. Using CapCut, I edit my videos to showcase the unique and breathtaking environments I explore. With a focus on showing what I'm seeing, not just my face, you'll be transported to some of the world's most beautiful locations. 

In the spring of 2022, I co-founded of the University of Oregon Media Studies Club. I worked to create a social media presence for this club along with connections with other groups on campus. Below are the graphics I created for that account during my time running the club.

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