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Academic Work

My passion for film and dedication to exploring its complexities led me on an incredible journey to complete my thesis on the influence of directors on gendered shot design within Netflix romantic comedies. I believe that film is a powerful tool for shaping our perception of the world, and the way it portrays gender can significantly impact our society. Throughout my research, I have analyzed the most prominent directors and their impacts on the industry, delving into the nuances of their shot designs and narratives. As a result, my thesis sheds light on critical issues facing the film industry today, and I'm excited to share my findings with the world.

"In English 470, UO SOJC students Bobbie Adelson, Kiele Head, Catherine Oswalt, Sesilie Stout used ArcGIS Storymaps to create a curriculum tool for local schools to teach histories of racism, oppression, and freedom struggles in the Eugene-Springfield community. Built with careful attention to state & local curriculum requirements, the interactive map and multimedia elements invite students to explore local landmarks as a portal to histories of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Japanese-American Oregonians."

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